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In relation to minor trauma to the spine

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“According to the plaintiff, as a consequence of this incident, he refers to having suffered injuries consisting of whiplash, with a healing period of 90 days, of which 54 are preventative, and 3 points for sequelae consisting of post-traumatic vertebral pain, plus 10% correction factor, which claims. The judgment of the first instance dismissed that ….  Read More

How are the days of injury & temporary disability classified? What types of sick days are there?

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In 2016, law 35/2015 of September 22 entered into force, which introduces a series of modifications to the Consolidated Text of the Law on Civil Liability and insurance in the movement of motor vehicles (hereinafter LRCSCVM). It essentially reforms the system for the valuation of damages caused to people in traffic accidents, which is used ….  Read More