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Learn more about personal injury law in NJ & PA. In today’s discussion we will cover the five steps to filing a small claims lawsuit for personal injury. The small claims process starts the day the lawsuit is filed and ends when the verdict is rendered but there are important aspects of your case that begin with me for the trial takes place. Ector County Court requirements carefully States refer to their small claims courts differently some call the Municipal Courts city court or Justice of the Peace courts. If you can’t find the right small claims court ask at your county clerk’s office the court may also be listed on your city state or County’s website. For small claims personal injury case speaking from the plaintiff files a complaint or petition. As follows we’re both sides try to convince the judge or jury of their position finally a verdict is rendered. So the three basic parts of a small claims lawsuit are 1) determining who to sue to filing the lawsuit 2) subpoena witnesses and evidence for the trial 3) the verdict what’s covered each part individually one determined before filing a lawsuit you must know who you’re assuming you must to the insured the actual person or company responsible for your injuries.

What is personal injury? This article covers all aspects of personal injury.